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Introduction of Dream Hair Product
Hair takes the root in the scalp. Nutrients and components of hair would be supplied through the circulation of blood. It leads to the growth of hair. Hair as the life has the cycle as growth, degradation, alopecia and regrowth.
The alopecia results from several reasons such as abnormal process of making hair component from the root of hair, nutrient lack due to the contraction of capillary, and abnormal regeneration process of hair and etc.
Ultimately, hair would be getting fine near the blow or the crown. The number of coming off of hair would gradually increase due to these reasons and the depth of the scalp would be thin. This results in the alopecia.
This product, Dream Hair(پ) makes the healthy of the scalp with the scalp lotion and shampoo by using the extractions of herb medicine. The mixtures of different herb medicines make the synergistic effectiveness of the improvement of scalp. Futhermore, it improves the protection of alopecia, the treatments of the scurf and itching in the scalp and so on.
Menthol ; expansion of pores and capillary
Salycylic acid : treatment of itching, sterilization
Panthenol : supplementary moisture
Angelica gigas Nakai ; relieve
Ligusticum officinale (Cnidium officinale)õ : expansion of capillary, decrease of blood pressure
Polygonum multiflorum(ϼ) : nourishing of the blood
Acorus calamusâ: sedative effect
Coix Lachryma() : protection of alopecia from male hormone
Glycyrrhiza glabra () : anti-inflammation,
A distinguishing mark
Everybody can easily use this product with the care of hair and management of scalp. Shampoo and scalp lotion would be used for the treatment of scalp and alopecia. After the recovery of treatment of alopecia, only shampoo can be used for the protection of alopecia.
Shampoo of Dream Hair
1. The synergistic effectiveness from the herb medicines improves the problems by using shampoo
2. Shampoo can make the clean condition of scalp with anti-inflammation and sterilization because it removes the sebum and horny tissues
3. Since shampoo makes more effectiveness of the expansion of pores and capillary, it should be used before using the scalp lotion
4. Menthol, Salycylic acid make the relief of itching due to the component of refreshing
5. Softness of hair can be maintain with Silicon emulsion.
6. This product can be strongly recommended to treat the protection of alopecia and scurf, itching problems.
Scalp lotion
1. The extraction lotion from the chinese medicine aids the growth of hair because of the supply with nutrient of the scalp and root of hair
2. This lotion keep the softness and supplementary moisture of hair due to the components such as Panthenol, protein, and etc.
3. The synergistic effect of the mixtures of chinese medicine improves the alopecia and condition of scalp.
4. The root of hair would be strengthened with the thick hair by this lotion
5. After the recovery of alopecia, only shampoo can be used for the treatment.
Do not use the other brands of shampoo and soaps with this product
Shampoo the hair with the mild hot water once a day
Shampoo the hair with making the bubble from the shampoo for 5 minutes like hand massage
After shampoo, rinse the hair enough and remove the moisture with towel by hand press
Scalp lotion
Spray the lotion at least once a day
Recommend that the scalp lotion with the end of shampoo should be used before the bed.
Scalp lotion should be treated with the scalp, so hand massage would be required to adsorbed with surface of the scalp
The point of massage
Scalp massage would aid the treatment with the usage of the product
Massage physically helps the circulation of blood and the recovery of scalp condition.
Massage should be performed by two hands like feeling the detachment of the scalp from the cranial bone
Massage would be started from the upper position of ears to crown of the hair or from the blow to crown of the hair for 5 minutes
Expectation of the effectiveness
Use this product within a month
Stop taking off the hair
Removing the dandruffy
Mitigation of the problems of scalp, itching, inflammation
Use the product within 3 months
Growth of new hair
tiny downy can be seen in the spot of head
The existed hair would be thicker and stronger than before
Use the product after 6 months
New hair become thinner and longer with the strength.